About us

About Us

We currently reside in the Washington, DC area in the United States. Our family of four is shaping up to take a one to two year sailing sabbatical. For now, we enjoy sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. (check our Instagram to see what we are up to!!)

The BinnacleMate+ concept started out simply enough - we just couldn't find a product on the market that met our needs! We often used our tablet or cell phone during day sails and had no safe way of attaching it near the helm station and we were also limited in battery power.  So, we set out to design a simple product that could meet these needs. And the BinnacleMate+ was created!

We worked on several prototypes and designed one that could be used in a modular way. It attaches easily and you can change the attachments to meet your individual needs. Whether you use it as a back-up to your chart plotters or to entertain as you mount the tablet to watch a movie - we hope the BinnacleMate+ will provide you with a simple and easy solution for your mobile device mounting needs.