Q: What is the BinnacleMate?
A: BinnacleMate+ is a helm boat mount for tablets and phones with a built-in removable powerbank. The mount was designed to be an easy, modular mount that can be used for a day sail or as a backup for a chart-plotters and GPS devices.

Q: Whats include with the Mount?
A: A full BinnacleMate Mount includes 1 Tablet weathered case, 1 Phone weathered case, 1 Adjustable tablet arm, 1 Mount base 1 rail clip (up to 1.5 inches), 1 powerbank and cables(USB C/ Apple Lightning/ Micro USB) 

Q: Will the mount fit my device?
A: BinnacleMate+ includes 3 size options for devices. A weathered touch sensitive mount for tablets up to 10 inches (Most iPads), a weathered touch sensitive phone mount up to 6.3 inches and an adjustable arm that can accommodate tablets. All these options are included on the mount. 

Q: My mount is too loose or falls off, why?
A: BinnacleMate+ is designed to have a tight fit  and thus ensuring a secure hold. Make sure you hear a "click" when connecting the attachments, some force is required to get that effect.  Video below explains how to install.


Q: Can I buy another accessory?
A: Yes, you can add and buy additional attachments and/or other PowerSources on our website.  

Q: Is the PowerSource water resistant?.
A: The PowerSource is a battery and while it is protected by the case design, it is a battery none the less and normal precautions should be taken to avoid any excessive water exposure. Water and electricity dont mix and the PowerSource will short circuit if wet. We recommend storing the PowerSource on a cool dry place when not in use and or remove from the boat when not in use.

Q: How Long will the PowerSource Last?
A: This depends on usage, screen time and number of apps running but one can expect on a smaller device, such as a phone, approximately 6 to 8 hrs of additional power. On a larger device such as a tablet you can expect approximately 4 to 6 hrs of additional power.  

Q: I dont have a Binnacle, can I use it elsewhere?
A: Yes, the mount attaches itself to any standard boat piping, the grip can be adjusted to larger over 2 inch to smaller under 1 inch pipes.